Hundreds of years ago, science discovered a way to separate a person's good and evil selves into two different bodies. Now the process is implemented on everyone. The evil selves are locked away, allowing the good selves to live in a perfect society. It's a paradise without torture or murder or war, where evil has been forgotten entirely. Until the day when one of the evil selves escapes. With her new freedom, the dark side of Kazumi immediately begins to throw their utopia into chaos, forcing Kazumi's good side to engage in a desperate battle to save everything she holds dear.


June 5th, 2015, 9:36 am

Launch Date

Hey everyone!

I have to figure out how this site works, teach myself some html coding skills, and move across the state in the next couple of days.
So if all goes well, updates will start next Tuesday, June 9! See you then! :D


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